International Women's Day Douala 2015

Published on 12 February 2015
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March 8, 2015   1:00 pm - 6 30 pm

APPSTECH ( Immeuble Techno, face Douala Stock Exchange )

AKWA, Douala , Cameroon



Registrants : 62 

Attendees   : 65% women for 127 participants

Speakers    : 10 women, 2 men (Partners)

Workshops : 2






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The Day We've Been Waiting For 

International Women’s Day , which is officially on March 8, 2015, is a day to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality within our communities. As Women Techmakers powered by Google Developer Groups, we plan to do this by improving our programs thus increasing women GDG members through increased collaboration and raising awareness through social media.











Candace BISSECK (@CandaceTweeting)

Executive Director

Kaymu Cameroon 

Rebecca ENONCHONG (@africatechie)

CEO AppsTech

Africa IT Women Mentor

Viola A. LLEWELLYN (@OvambaP2P)

Co-founder and Global Chief operations

Ovamba Solutions, Inc.


Danielle AKINI (@AMD237)

Community Developer

President of Africa IT Women

Danielle IBOHN (@ibohn2)

Social Media Manager Specialist

People Input

Colette TASHA

E-Sales Executive Central Africa

Kenya Airways



Mobile Money Project Support Team

MTN Cameroon

Stella BULU (@SteJoBul)

Database Administrator

Africa IT Women Leader

Céline Victoria FOTSO (@CelineFotso)


Je Wanda Magazine



Marthe Beatrice KEPSEU (@bkepseu)

Directrice Télécommunication et Energie

INET Consulting


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Africa IT Women, Created June 24th, 2013, is a non-profit organization that assists women with the potential to build a career in the field of new technologies and emerging business.

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