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Published on 29 March 2015
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Welcome to AIW Design, a program produced by experts based on their knowledge and experience in design. First this program starts with some fondamentals in drawing, typography and how to conceived a graphic visual. those fundamentals are important when it comes to understand how a realistic visual graphic is produced and are useful to understand and apply given exercices of the program. Also Useful good tools are required to implement practical given example. Below are the differents sections of courses of the program, ordered by time they will be published ;  

            • Environment set up/Learning Drawing/conception

In this section required tools, applications and fundamentals in drawing are given. Tools and applications are those used for practical exercices. Fundamentals in drawing are to understand the way objets look like according to their position in space and the management of light and its effects on those objects.


            • Introduction to typography

This section courses unable you to know the different existing style of font and how to choose and use them correctly.


            • Computer graphic design

This section will go through user guidelines of application such as Adobe photoshop, illustrator and. experts will share their tips


            • Introduction to Desktop publishing

This section will give fundamentals methods for digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content, to finalised the graphic designer work. (pictures adjustment, put colours in cartoons, habillage de perspectives architecturales, etc...). The end result (newspaper, magazines, books, flyers, poster, etc.) will be mainly used in print.


            • Introduction to webdesign

This section will go through mock up conception, user interface, user experience, programming and different specific web supports constraints.


            • Introduction to video

This section is a review of methods which allow to record moving pictures, with sounds.


            • Introduction to photography

This section is a review of methods to produce electronic medium for the recordingcopying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual.


            • Introduction à la 3 D

This section is a review of methods to produce three-dimensional computer graphics.

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