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Published on 15 May 2015
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Item Environment installation / Drawing / conception
Course Perspective
Chapter Application - Inclined plan


 It easy to create simple figures in perspective but when it comes to more complex figures the secret is to first built simple figures. Let's see the inclined plane case.

Perspective funamentals must be kept in mind in order to determined the horizon line and the different vanishing points.

In perspective each object can be built according to one, two or three vanishing point. One vanishing point per element can be used following the element direction and the direction of the element parallels lines. the more vanishing point is used to represent an object the more deformed that object will appear.
Always remind yourself the vanishing point is an imaginery point create to represent an optical phenomenon which unables the parallels lines to be join at the horizon.


Let's add to fundametals the perspective center:

How to determined a pespective center of a rectangle; draw the two diagonals, then when we extend the central intersection to the vanishing points.




Drawing a house in perspective with two vanishing point.

Pour commencer il faut poser la base de cette forme en traçant un rectangle en tirant les lignes de fuites des deux paires de parallèles de la figure


Then draw the rectangle diagonals, to draw the middle of the futur 'roof' edges  those diagonals will be helpful.


Then draw the vanishing line that passes by the diagonals intersection previously draw. The vanishing line unable us to find the middle of the edges in perspective: the perspective center.


Now, draw the line which will unable to put the roof peak (the red line). Being in perspective with two vanishing point, the red line is perpendicular to to the horizon line.


Draw a vanishing line from the top of the red line until the first vanishing point. This will define the top edge of the figure.


Now the second top can be drawn (second perpendicular red line):


Now it just to finish the figure by drawing the missing lines. The house roof will appear.


Once the construction lines erased, we have the house roof with its inclined planes in perspective with two vanishing points.


Inclined plane in perspective with three vanishing points:

Wih the same example, the house roof, start directly with the rectangle realized in perspective with diagonals and the vanishing lines allowing the drawing of middles of the future figure edges. Add the third vanishing point.


drag the line defining the top of the figure closer to us determined in relation to the third vanishing point, the perpendicular line to th horizon line is useless here.


Draw the vanishing line materializing the roof ridge. planincline11Eng

Draw the second line determined in relation with the third vanishng point; to defined the second roof peak.


Draw last lines to define the final figure.


The figure with inclined planes is clearly appearing.


Once the construction lines are erased. the figure with inclined planes drawn in perspective with three vanishing point is visible


Cours Les formes dans l’espace
Chapitre Les formes en 3D
Temps d'apprentissage récommandé 6h
Date de mise en ligne 10/04/2015
Date fin d'apprentissage (Recommandé) 11/04/2015
Date de mise en hors ligne 25/04/2015

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